There are many types of oral steroids. Each variety has its own characteristics, benefits and purposes. Oral anabolic steroids are often preferred by athletes who don’t inject for one reason or another, or by beginners during their first cycle (e.g. Stanover and Methandrostenolone are good for these beginners).

Oral Steroids

The advantage of anabolic steroids per pill is the short half-life. The oral anabolic quickly enters the bloodstream and begins to work in almost an hour. In addition, they are also eliminated from the body quickly and the user can start treatment faster after the cycle.

It is recommended not to take the course of oral steroids for more than eight weeks. as this can have negative consequences for the liver and the effect of the course is likely to decrease. However, do not be afraid. If you take the drug in the prescribed dose and for no more than eight weeks, then everything is fine with the liver. It should be noted that the danger to the liver with oral steroids is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the most common painkillers or alcohol, for example, are much more toxic than anabolic steroids. Sure, there is some toxic effect to using oral steroids, but it’s pretty minor and if not abused, you’ll be fine.

It is best to combine oral and injectable steroids during the course. Injections can be considered as a basis on which the pills are already placed, and therefore the drugs mutually reinforce the effect. With this combination, the effect of the anabolic is more clearly expressed, the respective muscle mass actively grows, and the strength indicators increase.

Oral steroids are divided into two sub-types depending on the level of activity:

  • androgen;
  • anabolic

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the anabolic index of the drug, because the more important it is, the lower the risk of all sorts of undesirable side effects.

Benefits of Oral Steroids

Benefits of Oral Steroids

The anabolic effect that oral steroid treatments have on the body is an intense increase in muscle mass, increased endurance during exercise, improved performance, increased red blood cell count in the blood, strengthening of bone tissue and an active decrease in fat. reservations. An important factor is the increased excretion of steroids from the body. Positive effects also affect:

  • improved appetite;
  • increase self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • a significant reduction in anxiety;
  • increased libido.

Disadvantages of drugs

Disadvantages of drugs

Pill steroids have several disadvantages. Firstly, this is the need for more frequent use compared to injections. Therefore, many athletes combine different forms of drugs. Also, oral steroids have a more toxic effect on the liver, which sometimes leads to sharp jumps in hormone levels in the body. Basically, these effects are the result of overdosing and overdosing on oral steroids.